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Great Food, No Compromise

We grow delicious, GMO and pesticide-free vegetables on our 1 hectare farm located in St Catharines, ON.

From seed to your salad we believe that growing naturally is not only important for your health, but for the environment as well. In that spirit, we aim to work with nature, rather than fight against it.

At Creek Shore Farms we utilize these practices:

  • using untreated seed, fertilizing only with manure or sustainably sourced liquid fish, aggressive pre-planting weed management and encouraging natural predators to reduce pest pressures, while managing those pressures to an acceptable level.

Community Supported Agriculture = Supporting the Community

Great food should not just be for those who can afford it.

We believe strongly in our CSA program as a model for providing good quality food for those who can afford it. And we believe just as strongly in reversing the CSA model and working towards agriculture supporting the community. It is our commitment to provide vegetables, as we can, at the same level of quality that our CSA members receive in their weekly baskets, to our local good bank, Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold. Our resolve is so strong in this commitment that we made it an official part of our business plan with our long term goal being that we provide 15% of our production capacity to those in need.

It’s All in the Name

Although our farm is not officially on the shore of any might creek, our farm is located in the centre of the Creek Shores sub-appellation and so we adopted our specific geographic qualities as our name.

We wanted a name that reflected our location, and our commitment to providing premium produce in our region.

In Niagara, grape growing regions are divided into sub-appellations which reflect the terroir, or specific qualities found in grapes. We wanted to extend that principle to the vegetables used in scrumptious local foods and paired with the terroir of wine.

Thus Creek Shore Farms was born, but not officially on the shores of any mighty creek.

To learn more about the terroir of our region visit VQA Ontario-Appellations and read about the specific qualities the topography, soil and climate bring to growing great food.

Who Are We

We are Amanda and Ryan Thiessen, husband and wife team, married in 2006 and still just as in love as the day we met.

In May of 2012, we added a new member to our team. Sydney Anne Thiessen is currently apprenticing in our long term program. We enjoy spending our time mountain miking, camping and cozied up watching movies. Even during our busiest times of the year, we find time to be together.